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KLIMOSZ MINIPELET with pellets burner



The miniPELET is a series of pellet boilers, which is characterized by a modern, compact design and is made for small boiler rooms and new buildings.


Klimosz miniPELET was made from the highest quality boiler steel, with increased resistance to temperature and increased plasticity.


The boiler has compact dimensions. Cover doors have an additional insulation layer on the inside, which reduces heat loss and increases the thermal efficiency of the boiler.


All necessary connections are at the back of the boiler. This enables the boiler to be connected quickly and easily and reduces costs.


  • Modern controller PLUM ECOMAX 860P / touchscreen as an option

  • Automatic ignition / extinguishing

  • Modern built-in design

  • Connection pipes derived to the outside

  • Integrated tank 100L

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