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MAXI with one retort burner



Klimosz from the MAXI series is a product that meets the most stringent requirements of emission and environmental standards. Minimizing environmental pollution is the result of a carefully thought-out design of the device - the spacing of shelves and the arrangement of concrete and vermiculite slabs. Long-term research has led to the location of exhaust gas channels so as to obtain the highest possible efficiency (up to 91.2%) while maintaining the minimum emission of harmful substances. Products from the Klimosz MAXI series have a "5th class" grade certificate.

Klimosz MAXI has a highly efficient flame exchanger made of the highest quality P265GH boiler steel. This type of exchanger has a very large heat recovery area from flue gas, which directly translates into high boiler efficiency up to 90%. Thanks to this Klimosz MAXI boiler has very low fuel consumption, generating more heat from 1 ton of fuel.

Klimosz MAXI is reliability and safety. The boiler has several independent thermal protections: boiler temperature sensor, feeder tube temperature sensor (in the case of detection of heat in the feeder pipe, the fuel pushes out emergency and switches off the fan). Also, big power boilers (50kW and more) requires STS safety valve. This valve is connected to the water supply network and floods fuel tank with cold water in case of an emergency (when the fire reaches the feeder pipe, the temperature sensor from the safety valve will give a signal to open the valve and flood the fuel tank and extinguish the fire). It provides reliable boiler's fuel tank protection and works without electricity.

KD Czopuch .jpg

Arrangement of the connections on both sides of the boiler to C.H. and H.U.W.: simplifies assembly and reduces assembly costs.

Klimosz MAXI has an exchanger made of the highest quality P265GH boiler steel with a wall thickness of up to 8mm! The use of sheets of such thickness guarantees the safety of use for years and the exceptional life of the boiler.

Standard controller:

KLIMOSZ KOMFORT - the highest model of the controller, it supports: 2x 4-way valves, 2x C.H. pumps, H.U.W. pump, circulation pump, 2 heating circuits, 2 room thermostats, outdoor temperature sensor and enables cooperation with the fireplace.

Standard pellets storage:

Capacity: 780L, 940L,

Optional WiFi module:

Compatible only with Klimosz Komfort controller

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