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KLIMOSZ LE with retort burner



Klimosz boilers from the LE series are a product that meets the most stringent requirements of emission and ecological standards. Minimizing environmental pollution is the result of a carefully thought-out design of the device. Monthly tests have led to obtaining the highest possible efficiency (up to 91%) while maintaining the minimum emissions of harmful substances. Klimosz LE series have a "5th class" highest emission standard and EcoDesign certificate for granulated coal. 

Klimosz LE has a highly efficient flame exchanger made of the highest quality P265GH boiler steel. A heat exchanger of this type has a very large heat recovery area from flue gas, which directly translates into high boiler efficiency. 

Klimosz LE is reliability and safety. The boiler has several independent thermal protections: boiler temperature sensor, feeder tube temperature sensor (in the case of detection of heat in the feeder pipe, the fuel pushes out emergency and switches off the fan). The boiler also has a safety device that works without the need for electricity in the form of a "firefighter" flooding the tank in an emergency.

KD Czopuch .png
KD Czopuch .jpg

The variable outlet of the flue makes it easier to connect the boiler to the chimney whether it is led vertically or horizontally.

Arrangement of the connections on both sides of the boiler to C.H. and H.U.W.: simplifies assembly and reduces assembly costs.


Standard controller:

KLIMOSZ ecoCONTROL - modern and intuitive controller. It supports, among others: 4-way valve, C.H. pump, H.U.W. pump and a dedicated room thermostat.

Standard storage:

Capacity 190L

Optional WiFi module:

Compatible only with Klimosz Komfort controller


Version EKO

Version NG


Klimosz LE has a universal and well thought out design - it allows you to change the side of the fuel storage, so You can fit it to any type of boiler room.

Standard controller:

KLIMOSZ KOMFORT - the highest model of the controller, it supports: 2x 4-way valves, 2x C.H. pumps, H.U.W. pump, circulation pump, 2 heating circuits, 2 room thermostats, outdoor temperature sensor and enables cooperation with the fireplace.

Standard storage:

Capacity 230l 

Optional WiFi module:

Compatible only with Klimosz Komfort controller


Multi-fuel burner:

Palnik peletowy - wielopaliwowowy.png

For pellet:

Retort burner in pellet combustion mode with an air tube in place of a circular grate for maximum efficient combustion of all types of biomass.


For granulated coal:

Retort burner in granulated coal combustion mode.

Palnik retortowy - wielopaliwowowy.png

*For pellet - 15 kW - 30 kW

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