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UNIPELET S with pellets burner



Klimosz UNIPELET S is a compact product made of the highest quality materials, whose production process meets the highest European quality standards. (Ecodesign, 5th Class) The certificate of strength and reliability of the device is a full 10-year warranty, which Klimosz grants to the integrity of the exchanger. 

The cast-iron heat exchanger of the highest quality Italian cast-iron.  Estimated life of up to 25 years!  Boiler wall thickness up to 12mm. 


UNIPELET S is reliability and safety. The boiler has durable igniter, resistant to burnout thanks to making it from a special metal alloy, much more durable in relation to the standard ceramic equivalents of the previous generation. The boiler has a number of protections: the SPIRO type feeder pipe from a special melting material, which provides reliable protection against backfire even in the event of power failure, the second protection is a temperature sensor inside the burner feeder tube, which in the case of excessive temperature detection pushes out the pellets preventing the penetration of heat next to the tray.


Standard controller:

KLIMOSZ KOMFORT - the highest model of the controller, it supports: 2x 4-way valves, 2x C.H. pumps, H.U.W. pump, circulation pump, 2 heating circuits, 2 room thermostats, outdoor temperature sensor and enables cooperation with the fireplace.

Standard pellets storage:

Capacity 310 L - folded, made of galvanized steel

Optional WiFi module:

Compatible only with Klimosz Komfort controller

Klimosz Unipelet has a universal and well thought out design - it allows you to change the side of the fuel storage, so you can fit it to any type of boiler room.

The boiler is of a size comparable to a standard boiler, a small height and dimensions make the boiler fit into both the modernized boiler room and new buildings.

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