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FRONTAL is the latest series of boilers with a pellet burner.
It is characterized by a compact design and the highest efficiency exceeding 93% and the lowest dust emission below 10 mg/m3 (model 18 kW). Highly efficient and economical Frontal boilers are equipped with weather automation as standard, providing you with complete comfort of using.

Boiler adapted to a hybrid heating system
Achieve maximum efficiency and low-emission combustion parameters using a 200-300 l buffer tank from KLIMOSZ adapted to an instalation with a monoblock heat pump.

Easy connection to the chimney
The universal rear flue box is a solution patented by KLIMOSZ. Thanks to it, you can easily connect the boiler to any chimney, regardless of its location. Reducing the number of chimney components and long exhaust ducts means reducing installation costs. This solution also improves safety and efficiency.


Significantly shorter installation time
Arrangement of the connections on both sides of the boiler to central heating and domestic hot water simplifies assembly and reduces           assembly costs.


A reliable boiler for many years
Boilers are made of the highest quality P265GH boiler steel.
The use of such material ensures high strength and increased resistance to corrosion, as well as maintaining elasticity at high temperatures.

Efficiency thanks to ceramic plates
The vertically-horizontal boiler heat exchanger equipped with ceramic catalysts allows for maximum heat absorption from exhaust. They extend the flow of exhaust in the exchanger and additionally act as a catalyst for exhaust, taking care of the environment and your health.

Automatic ignition and extinguishing
After setting the program, the controller automatically ignites or extinguishes the boiler depending on the heating demand. Controllers with a WiFi module allow to control the boiler remotely and monitor the installation state. All you need is a smartphone or a web browser to check the boiler status from anywhere.

Extended warranty
Highest quality materials and production guarantee a complete 5-year warranty on the leakproofness of the heat exchanger. The terms are available in the boiler’s manual.

Feel safe
FRONTAL series boilers operate safely even when you are not at home. The devices are equipped with a burner temperature sensor that, if necessary, initiates the removal of embers and fuel from the supply system. The feeder pipe of the SPIRO type has been made of a special fusible material, which guarantees full protection even in the event of a power failure.

Experience - a guarantee of quality
The construction of the boilers is the result of our many years of experience and quality control checks. We use only proven materials and technologies, such as igniters made of a fire-resistant metal alloy, which is much more durable than commonly used ceramic igniters.


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Interested more details about new burner?


Rotary combustion chamber technology, controlled by hybrid drive system.

The concept of a rotary combustion chamber for burners is not innovative as such burners of such a design were used in the past. However, they either brought troubles in use or were extremely expensive. Our experience showed, however, that the rotary combustion is the best and the most effective method to produce heat energy from pellets. Therefore, we considered it as a challenge to be faced, with details playing the most important role.


Rotary combustion chamber system

Durable and easy solution to maintain.


Combustion chamber is installed on four bearings with their location designed so as to eliminate adverse impact of high temperature and facilitate possible replacement with minimized costs. Furnace rotation makes it possible to remove ash automatically and minimize the necessity of equipment maintenance.


Expansion pipe system

Prevents seizure of the rotary mechanism, extends the burner life.


The combustion chamber metal undergoes thermal expansion i.e. it changes the size due to differential temperature. With Expansion Pipe System that physical property is no longer a problem but it becomes a process rather that occurs during motor operation which does not lock or jam the rotary movement as the shield pipe length gets adapted to the furnace pipe during the operation of the motor. In standard rotary burners the internal furnace pipe expands due to high temperature which results in seizure of the rotary mechanism.


Air vane system

System of directional, precise air supply into the furnace chamber.


Improving the effectiveness of the combustion process and preventing oxidization of metal parts which are worn faster as a result. The vanes support the direction of the airflow exactly into the combustion area and impede the airflow in the remaining areas. With such a solution in place we can achieve the best ever combustion efficiency and the fifth i.e. the highest waste gas emission class.

Hybrid drive system

Integrated feeder and blower system. Reduces power and fuel consumption.

The motor which drives the internal feeder and the motor which controls the blower operation to supply air into the combustion chamber are combined to form a single unit equipped with a Hall sensor. This allows accurate dosing of fuel and air volume to achieve the combustion efficiency of even 99%.


Overpressure combustion system

Prevents the flame`s return.


System to supply air directly into the combustion chamber to improve the combustion efficiency and safety. Air enhances flame swirling and the use of Venturi tube reduces the risk of flashback.

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