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The KLIMOSZ company is one of the largest manufacturers in Poland of top-quality boilers with 5th-class certification and Ecodesign; cast-iron and steel, automatic solid-fuel, pellet, and biomass boilers, as well as heat buffers, heat pumps, and gas and electric boilers. The company's mission is to create products based on the highest technological standards while adhering to strict emissions norms.

Thanks to a well-developed distribution network in Poland and Europe, we provide our customers with top-level service. With 30 years of experience in boiler manufacturing, we've developed technologically advanced solutions that have earned us a broad base of satisfied customers, a strong market position, and great reputation in the heating industry. We create Klimosz boilers with the most demanding users in mind, who value top quality, ease of use, and reliability.

Thanks to our specialized design team, we also provide comprehensive service for large commercial and industrial projects, as well as single and multi-family residential investments. We employ the best engineers and heating industry specialists and work with the best suppliers offering top-quality products.

The company has its own research and testing facilities, allowing each produced boiler to be monitored and optimized regarding the processes occurring during combustion, minimizing harmful emissions into the environment. Our commitment to development and environmental protection is evident in our innovative solutions, which are patented and protected by intellectual property rights. Environmental protection and reducing low emissions are our primary and overarching goals, which is why we invest in creating only those boilers that meet stringent requirements.

It's important to note that we don't just operate as a distributor and Polish manufacturer of pellet, eco-pea coal, wood, and coal boilers, along with electric and gas models. We also offer professional services that include: Laser cutting, MIG/MAG welding, Press brake bending, Powder coating. In every project, we use well-chosen technologies to ensure efficient, solid, and aesthetically pleasing results. Despite offering such a wide range of services, our main specialty is manufacturing central heating boilers.

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